Election '08: The Lowdown

It's Time to Exercise Your Power

Plamen Petkov
Sure, you're super-busy some days you can barely keep up with your e-mail. We totally get that. But let's face it: You need to vote. Not enough of us are doing so. (A whopping 35 million eligible women didn't vote in '04!) Here, everything you need to know to get in gear this year.

Married people are more likely to vote than those who are divorced, widowed, or single.

At press time, Barack Obama leads the race in the number of MySpace friends, with 191,241 (Hillary Clinton is next, with 146,504).

17% of people who didn't vote in the last presidential election said it was because they missed registration deadlines.

People who live in the Midwest are more likely to vote (68% of them do) than those in any other region.

Of the major campaigns, Hillary Clinton's has the most women in top positions, according to offthebus.net.

If more single women had voted in the swing states in 2000, Al Gore could have taken the election.

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