An Alabama Teenager Was Raped After She Was Used As Bait To Catch A Predator


In a harrowing case of a bad situation taking a turn for the way, way worse, a teenage special needs student was raped after she was used as "bait" to ensnare an alleged sex offender at a middle school in Madison County, Alabama back in 2010. Despite numerous complaints about this individual, the lack of evidence made it impossible for school officials to discipline the boy. So administrators devised a plan to cement the evidence needed to punish this talked-about predator. The plot had good intentions: To stop the male student from assaulting his female classmates. But the execution was incredibly misguided. A teacher's aide asked the girl to meet the boy in the bathroom, the rumored site for his past encounters, but the aide would enter the room before any sort of violation occurred, thereby saving the female pupil from untoward attentions. Not to mention, they'd finally be able to obtain the needed proof of misconduct. Where things went wrong, however, was when the boy asked her to meet him in a different restroom. The teacher was unaware of this switch, and was unable to swoop in before the boy raped her.

In response to this horrific event, the victim is suing the Madison County School Board in Alabama. And four years later, things are moving forward: The Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education have filed an amicus brief in support of the girl. Rightfully so. Wanting to bring justice to a known sexual predator is understandable. What isn't is using another student to do so.

Photo via The Daily Mail, Google Maps

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