Is This The Most Condescending Political Ad Ever?

Women are obsessed with marriage, so picking a political candidate is kind of like saying yes to the dress.
gop ad say yes to the dress
Courtesy of the College Republican National Committee

In a new video, the College Republican National Committee tries to target young female voters by presenting the Florida gubernatorial election as an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" -- because it's for ladies, and ladies love marriage and dresses! A young woman tries on two gowns, the "Rick Scott" and the "Charlie Crist." She thinks the Rick Scott is just perfect, saying, "Rick Scott is becoming a trusted brand. He has new ideas that don't break your budget."

Unfortunately, her harpy mother thinks the Crist is better. "It's expensive and a little outdated, but I know best," mom says.

Guess what the bride-to-be chooses?

Both Republicans and Democrats are courting young female voters this election season. Unmarried women tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic (Obama won them by a 36-point margin), and they turn out to vote in larger numbers than single men. The only female voters who reliably support Republicans are those who are married and who don't have a college degree -- which perhaps explain this video's wedding theme. But with more women going to college and putting off marriage than ever before, the GOP may need more than a strapless white "Rick Scott" gowns to attract female voters.

Via Cosmopolitan

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