This Just In: Morning-After Pill Available Over the Counter for All Ages

In insanely huge women's news, a federal judge stated this morning that the most common morning-after pill must be made available over the counter for all ages. Previously, the law stated that females age 16 and younger must obtain a prescription in order to buy Plan B One-Step and other versions of the emergency contraceptive. The judge ordered that the Food and Drug Administration must remove any age and sale bans on the morning-after pill in the next 30 days.

It's been decades since the morning-after pill debate began, and it's long been an extension of the storied "War on Women" that recently saw a surge throughout 2012's election season. We're interested in seeing how this revolutionary court mandate will influence the remainder of women's health issues, reproductive and otherwise. After all, change must be enacted piece-by-piece, and this order is a significant piece in the movement in which we at MC are so invested.

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