Eliot Spitzer Describes Himself as a "Feminist"

In addition to being a candidate for New York City comptroller, Eliot Spitzer is a feminist now.

Eliot Spitzer: former New York governor, New York City comptroller candidate, prostitution scandal subject, and feminist? That's the latest title Spitzer has taken on as he announced on MSNBC's All In with host Chris Hayes last night. Spitzer described how, despite the now-infamous 2008 scandal, he has always prided himself on his record "of devout dedication to women's rights," advocating for women "on the issues of choice, on the issues of equal pay, on the issues of anti-discrimination" in his decades-long career.

The segment served as a response to female opponents and subsequent criticism of his current campaign for comptroller. Watch the video above, and tell us in the comments: Should we as women "look at the totality" of his record before criticizing his campaign?