Superwoman Marissa Mayer Tops Fortune's "40 Under 40"

This morning, Forture magazine released its annual list of the 40 most influential hotshots under the age of 40 in fields that include business boardrooms, government halls, and research laboratories. Who nabbed the coveted first place spot? Yahoo's 38-year-old President and CEO, Marissa Mayer. Since Mayer joined the company last year after over a decade at Google, the new mom has truly embraced her personal slogan: "Get in over your head." And the numbers don't lie: Yahoo's stock is up 86% and the company has made 22 acquisitions (including Tumblr) since Mayer started in 2012.

On CBS This Morning, however, Charlie Rose brought up a peculiar point in regards to Fortune's ranking and its counter-intuitive choice of cover subject. The magazine chose the list's #2, Square's CEO and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, to appear on the cover rather than Mayer. Hear Rose question Fortune's assistant managing editor on the brand's decision, below:

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