Bill Clinton Took Over HRC's Instagram and Was All Kinds of Charming

Grandpas on social media 👌

Getty Images

Like the rest of us, President Bill Clinton is super enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton running for president, and he's carved some time out of his busy schedule of Donald Trump side-eyeing to take over her Instagram account. Because yes, unlike Jay Z, Bill Clinton understands how to use social media.

The former POTUS hopped on Hillary's Insta in New Hampshire, and started his adventure effortlessly matching his hair to the snow.

He then posted a sweet photo of Hillary giving him advice before introducing her. Because like Beyoncé, she's not bossy, she's the boss.

Clinton wrapped things up on an even more adorable note, sharing an image of himself and Hillary hugging, captioned "Hillary's worked hard every day to make the lives of millions of Americans better. I am so proud of her."

In conclusion, Hillary and Bill are goals and we are all Chelsea Clinton in the above photo.


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