This Viral Twitter Thread Perfectly Explains the Most Terrifying Thing for Women About the Healthcare Bill

So many emotions.

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The American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives yesterday in a huge win for President Donald Trump and the Republicans. While there are still weeks to go before a vote in the Senate (where it's unlikely to pass as currently written), many citizens across the United States are already worried about what this legislation means for their own health, and are trying to parse the complicated policy language to understand what is about to change.

One particular source of panic and disgust is the fact that under the AHCA, sexual assault will be considered a pre-existing condition. Victims of rape or sexual abuse will have higher premiums, and will have to pay more to care for the physical and psychological wounds left by their assaults.

Jessica Price, a project manager at gaming company Paizo Publishing, explained a bit more about the derided item in a Twitter thread that quickly went viral.

Thousands of people have retweeted Price's thread, and many victims of sexual assault have thanked her for the support.

The thread also makes for a pretty decent script for anyone inclined to call their senator to voice a negative opinion about the AHCA.

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