Small Toy Company for Girls to Make History During Super Bowl

Building up and branching out.

GoldieBlox, an 18-month old female-run company, first gained attention last year when it turned a typical boy's toy on its head by creating building blocks specifically designed for young girls. Now, GoldieBlox is making history once again, becoming the first small business to have a Super Bowl commercial, according to CNN. The company, which won a contest hosted by Intuit, will debut its 30-second spot during the third quarter of Sunday's game. Intuit will pick up the $4 million price tag.

GoldieBlox inventor and CEO, Debbie Sterling, never knew that engineering was a career option. It wasn't until her high school teacher encouraged her to pursue engineering that Sterling applied for the degree at Stanford, becoming one of the few females in the program.

Sterling started GoldieBlox to disrupt the pink isle and introduce a building toy from a female perspective. Unlike typical construction toys, which come with a cut-and-dry manual, GoldieBlox creates directions woven into a series of stories with a protagonist, Goldie, to tap into girls' verbal skills and interest in characters. Ultimately, Sterling wanted the product to foster girls' interest in engineering.

Sterling's concept came to life after launching a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $150,000. In only four days, donations to GoldieBlox reached over $285,000.

Currently, there are only 13 percent of female engineers worldwide, opposed to 87 percent of male engineers, according to the National Science Foundation via GoldieBlox. With the anticipated Super Bowl viewership, and placement next to big league companies like Coca-Cola and Cheerios, GoldieBlox's Sunday exposure will be a huge feat and a priceless precursor to getting girls inspired and building.

Check out the teaser for the Super Bowl ad below:

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