Pregnant Woman Kept on Life Support as Doctors Hope to Deliver Baby

A tragedy with a very different outcome.

Within the past few months, two women have been kept on life support in order to preserve the fetus inside of them. Right now, Robyn Benson of Victoria, British Columbia is being kept on life support by doctors and her husband, Dylan, according to CNN. Unlike the Marlise Munoz case, in which the hospital kept Munoz on life support against her husband's wishes and when doctors confirmed the fetus was not viable (a Texas judge later ruled she had to be taken off), there is a strong chance that doctors can deliver a healthy baby via C-section from Benson.

Shortly after Christmas, Dylan Benson discovered his wife unresponsive and still breathing after she had complained about a headache. As of now, the odds of the baby's survival are improving. "The doctors have said that [the baby] now has higher than an 80 percent of survival and that increases with every day that passes," Benson said. The doctors are hoping to deliver the baby in seven weeks when the mother will be 34 weeks along.

Although there are several key differences in the Munoz and Benson cases, both situations are nothing short of tragic.

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