23 Shocking News Stories from Around the World

Expand your horizons with 23 international stories you don't want to miss.
pregnant indian women
Stephanie Sinclair
Expand your horizons with 23 international stories you don't want to miss.
pregnant indian women
Stephanie Sinclair
Womb for Rent
The number of Indian women willing to carry an American child is growing fast.
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nicole buffet in her art studio
Brigitte Sire
The Billionaire's Black Sheep
What's it like when your grandpa is the richest man in the world? For Nicole Buffett, it means forgoing cable TV and health insurance and making do on $40,000 a year.

Here, she dishes on her upbringing and why her grandfather Warren Buffett disowned her.
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leia mondragon is a freegan
Jeff Riedel
Everything inside Leia MonDragon's apartment - from the coffee maker to daughter Uma's rompers - was salvaged from the trash.
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captured suicide bomber's vest
Mahesh Bhat
Suicide Bomber
A captured suicide bomber's vest (ripped apart for analysis) worn by a member of the anti-terrorism team.
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gulabi gang in india
G.M.B. Akash
Vigilantes in Pink
Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India's poorest women are banding together, taking up arms, and fighting back. Even more shocking than the pink saris they wear: Their quest for justice is actually working.

Read more about the Gulabi Gang, or "pink gang."
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four students sucking lollipops at the geisha school in moscow
Natali Arefieva
Russian Millionaire Hunters
Students, including Maria Markova (second from right) and Ella Videnina (second from left), learn oral sex skills.
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bangladesh woman
Josh Estey/CARE
How Microloans Are Helping Women in Bangladesh
Women are transforming one of the poorest, most corrupt countries on the planet.

Marie Claire's roving correspondent sheds light on the subject.
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iragi refugee prostitutes
Jason Florio
Survival Sex: Iraqi Refugees
Imagine: One day you're a nurse leading a quiet middle-class life; a few years later you're in a strange country doing the unthinkable: selling yourself. For some Iraqi refugees, prostitution is the only trick they feel they've got left.

Hear the story of Malek, a 34-year-old from Karbala, who found herself desperate.
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indian call centers
Palani Mohan
Indian Call Centers
An agent calms a customer.
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malika el aroud
Herman Ricour
Malika el Aroud
Malika el Aroud, shown here in 2003, was arrested three months ago in a massive counterterrorism operation in Europe.
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child with poster of aaifia
A. Hassan/AFP/Getty Images
The FBI's Most Wanted Woman
A Pakistani girl holds a poster in defense of alleged terrorist Aafia Siddiqui [with an alternative spelling of her name] after she was arrested in Afghanistan in July.
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esperanza fields of lettuce
E. Kashi
Esperanza Field of Panties
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melissa scott barbie bridges
Dave Lauridsen
Porn Pastor
Shortly after Melissa Scott took over as pastor of University Cathedral, someone mailed her congregation Easter cards outing her as a former porn star.
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Dating Diaries - Google Backlash
Sami Suni
Dating Diaries 1007
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spain train bombings terrorism
U. Sinai/Getty Images
I Married a Terrorist
When Maureen's husband told her he was traveling abroad to help a friend, she believed him. Until the police came knocking. They wanted him in connection with the 2004 Madrid bombings.

In a Marie Claire exclusive, the 24-year-old tells how she fell for the wrong man.
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long necked women of thailand kayan tribe
Jack Picone
Thailand Long Neck Women
Zember in full traditional dress.
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competitive eating champion sonya thomas
M. Cardy/Getty Images
America's Hungriest Woman
Sonya Thomas is petite and lithe, but her stomach can hold 18 pounds of food.

Read Marie Claire's Q & A with the binge queen.
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afghani woman
Mehmet Salih Guler
Afghani Women Get Physical
When you think of Afghanistan, images of rock-hard abs and Stairmasters aren't the first things that leap to mind.

Take a look inside Afghanistan's first and only gym for women.
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Female Spanish bullfighter Ana Infante
Sebastian Marjanov/WPN
Beauty and the Beast
She's been gored more than once, but Spanish bullfighter Ana Infante knows how to stand her ground.

Gender is no obstacle.
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christy turlington goes to washington
Erin Lubin/CARE
Fighting for Mothers
In some parts of the world, getting pregnant is a death sentence. But Marie Claire's contributing editor Christy Turlington Burns is out to change that.

Here, she describes her efforts to gather support in Congress.
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japanese tattooed mother with her baby
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
Born into the Japanese Mob
Born into Japan's most notorious crime syndicate, Shoko Tendo is struggling to break free of her violent legacy.

Marie Claire's Abigail Haworth met the marked woman in Tokyo.
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italian exchange student murder
Simone Donati
Italian Murder Mystery
Studying abroad should have been a grand adventure. Instead, Amanda Knox has spent a year in jail, accused by a corrupt legal system of murdering her roommate.

Read her story and what her mother had to say about the corruption.
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man and woman on a date woman is pulling on man's tie
Sladjana Lukic/iStock
Dangerous Liaisons
Wealthy American businessmen in Hong Kong are getting robbed, blackmailed, even killed — by girls who spike their drinks with the date-rape drug. Even worse, the ladies are getting away with it.

We dug up the dirt on this potentially lethal crime.
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