Why Do Men Pay For Sex?

A few months back I was surprised to find out that one of my friends had seen a prostitute.  Buying sex for me would be the same as buying success, straight A's, or love-all things that require work and passion.

A few months back I was surprised to find out that one of my friends had seen a prostitute. Perhaps I'm in the dark, but I thought that most of the guys I knew would never go see a prostitute.

But it made me wonder, why do men pay for sex?

An article I recently read examines reasons that men pay for sex. Sure, men get hard up for sex, or want to try new things with a woman that they aren't getting from their partner; but I believe the main reason men pay for sex is that these men are looking for way to dominate women.

A while back I read that Howard Stern was going to run a contest for men to buy the chance to take a 22-year old woman's virginity in exchange for paying for her college tuition. It crossed my mind that some rich guy could probably just step forward and straight up pay for her tuition without requiring sex from her. Why not just do that?

It may be because sex is not the end all be all for me, but it's just not something that I would pay for. Neither is companionship. I thought that sex and companionship were intangible things that you could not put value on. Buying sex for me would be the same as buying success, straight A's, or love-all things that require work and passion.

Isn't sex supposed to be something that's earned, and something that is mutual?

It's frightening that those who pay for sex don't care about how much the woman is enjoying it.

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Or, do these guys really think that this girl they paid for really wants to be there? One of the main things that I think men should always be concerned with is if the girl is happy to be with him and is into being close to him.

A guy who is having sex with a prostitute is paying for her to pretend she is into him. How does he even end up feeling fulfilled? It's no different than touching a girl while she's asleep, unconscious, or even worse. The same mentality goes along with Rufinol. How does the guy feel good if he had to drug a girl in order to get close to her?

For this reason, while I do love porn, I usually turn to amateur porn because professional porn stars seem to be acting too much and they don't really want to be there.

Paying a girl to have to pretend she wants to be doing something she doesn't want to do renders her powerless. So, I think it is more about controlling the woman and having dominion over her than feeling close to someone or buying companionship.

In my dating world, there are two different times:

A. Single time: I get sexual satisfaction through masturbation

B. Dating time: I get sexual satisfaction from my girlfriend...ok, and through masturbation

But as single as I get, no matter how slow things are, I never think about buying companionship or sex.

I always wonder how men get past that awkward moment after they purchase the prostitute. They meet somewhere, they talk for a bit I guess, and then they start making out? It all sounds so mechanical.

How does the guy enjoy this without the presence of the first kiss, or all of the moments that lead up to that first contact? Isn't that what is worth paying for? Thing is, it's impossible to create or purchase all of that indescribable stuff that goes along with falling in love and making a connection.

Can we all agree that the process and event of falling in love is paramount to the sex life for a couple? But men who are paying for sex don't care about falling in love, or they have "fallen in love" with their wives already. All they want is sex, but it's about more than sex-- it's about dominating a woman.

No girl tells her mom that she wants to be a stripper or a prostitute when she grows up. Prostitution is damaging for the women who have to turn to it, mentally and physically. It's a risky business for women who are dealing with selfish customers who, in my opinion, are out to dominate their entire gender.

What reasons do you think men have to pay for sex? I can't ever envision a situation where this is good, but can you come up with any scenarios where paying for sex is helpful for anyone? What are your opinions on prostitution? Is there any reason it should ever be accepted and legal?