8 Texting Mistakes Men Make

How his phone can make a once promising prospect into a dating nightmare.

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A friend of mine recently went out with a guy, Sam. They had a good time, smooched a little, and went their separate ways for the night. So, the seed was planted for a second date at the very least.

But Sam's mistakes turned a promising situation into a bad one very quickly. You can find a list of his infractions below. Let me know which one (or more) is a deal breaker for you:

General Psycho Behavior

Allison woke up Sunday morning to a 7:30 "Good Morning Beautiful" text. Unless he was up at 5AM, it looked like Sam immediately texted Allison as soon as he woke up. That's a bit over-eager.

Seizing Poetic License on Pet Names

In the first text after the kiss night, it's a little strange to be dropping nicknames, even if it's something as general as "beautiful". It pushes things beyond casual way too fast.

Text Novels

Sam's texts shattered character limits. Allison would routinely receive 3-5 long texts in a row, all connected ramblings.

Over-Aggressive Texting

Sam wasn't keen on giving Allison much time to answer his texts before he was on the attack again.

Forcing a Date

Early on in his text assault, Sam asked Allison to get together during the upcoming week. But Allison said she was busy at work and offered to set something up for the next week. Instead of respecting her wishes, Sam fired back with "Well, I was really hoping to see you before the weekend."

Making A Woman Feel Wrong For How She Feels

It didn't take long for Sam's intense texting to turn Allison off. She politely explained that he was coming on a little strong but wanted to remain friends. Instead of accepting Allison's words, Sam argued that he wasn't a game player(implying that Allison was interested in games).

Inadvertent Insults

After accusing Allison of being a game-player, Sam went on to explain that he was a "grown man interested in a deep committed relationship." He instructed her to let him know if she was ever interested in the same. Allison came away from this exchange feeling like he called her a whore.

Hubris and Glibness

After the ordeal was over and Sam finally accepted he lost his grip on a chance at another date (and reality), he finished it off by texting that he "never had this happen before." What a stud he must be. Judging by his behavior, it was pretty easy for Allison to glean that he has probably been through this quite often.

So there you have it: eight infractions inside of a couple days of texting. Which of these do you think is the worst, and at what point would you be fed up? I explained to Allison that she should have been freaked out by the 7:30AM text, but hindsight is 20/20. So what are your thoughts? What is the worst text or texting infraction you've received from a guy?

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