10 Valentine's Day Gifts Decoded

woman in pink dress holding gift wrapped in green with purple ribbon
Kutay Tanir

They got you: A heart-shaped box of candy from the supermarket

They're saying: "I forgot Valentine's Day."

They got you: A surprise weekend getaway to a bed-and-breakfast

They're saying: "I'm hoping you like me enough to deal with being in the same room as my snoring and farting — I know I like you enough to put up with yours."

They got you: Every season of your favorite guilty-pleasure TV show

They're saying: "I like you more than I hate McDreamy."

They got you: Anything he made with his own two hands

They're saying: "I'm crazy about you — and I've got the Krazy Glue-splattered furniture and staples in my hands to prove it."

They got you: A relationship scrapbook, complete with ticket stubs from all the shows and movies you've seen together

They're saying: "I'm a cheesy romantic."

They got you: A relationship scrapbook, complete with photos of you sleeping and locks of his hair

They're saying: "I hope it doesn't creep you out that I've renovated my walk-in closet into a shrine for you."

They got you: A pet for the two of you

They're saying: "Let's pick a name together — I want to make sure you don't choose a name I've reserved for our future children."

They got you: Jewelry or a watch

They're saying: "I'm not supercreative, but hey, I tried. Don't worry, I probably won't notice if you exchange it for something that's more your style."

They got you: Tools or kitchen appliances that you didn't ask for

They're saying: "These spatulas are as close to a bouquet of flowers as you'll get from me."

They got you: A voicemail on February 15, apologizing for forgetting about Valentine's Day

They're saying: "Please give me a call back when you're done bad-mouthing me to all your friends so that I can grovel."

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