10 Valentine's Day Gifts Decoded

It's the thought that counts, but what the heck were they thinking?! Find out what your sweetheart's Valentine's Day gift is really saying.

woman in pink dress holding gift wrapped in green with purple ribbon
(Image credit: Kutay Tanir)

They got you: A heart-shaped box of candy from the supermarket

They're saying: "I forgot Valentine's Day."

They got you: A surprise weekend getaway to a bed-and-breakfast

They're saying: "I'm hoping you like me enough to deal with being in the same room as my snoring and farting — I know I like you enough to put up with yours."

They got you: Every season of your favorite guilty-pleasure TV show

They're saying: "I like you more than I hate McDreamy."

They got you: Anything he made with his own two hands

They're saying: "I'm crazy about you — and I've got the Krazy Glue-splattered furniture and staples in my hands to prove it."

They got you: A relationship scrapbook, complete with ticket stubs from all the shows and movies you've seen together

They're saying: "I'm a cheesy romantic."

They got you: A relationship scrapbook, complete with photos of you sleeping and locks of his hair

They're saying: "I hope it doesn't creep you out that I've renovated my walk-in closet into a shrine for you."

They got you: A pet for the two of you

They're saying: "Let's pick a name together — I want to make sure you don't choose a name I've reserved for our future children."

They got you: Jewelry or a watch

They're saying: "I'm not supercreative, but hey, I tried. Don't worry, I probably won't notice if you exchange it for something that's more your style."

They got you: Tools or kitchen appliances that you didn't ask for

They're saying: "These spatulas are as close to a bouquet of flowers as you'll get from me."

They got you: A voicemail on February 15, apologizing for forgetting about Valentine's Day

They're saying: "Please give me a call back when you're done bad-mouthing me to all your friends so that I can grovel."