Your Instagram Guide to Marrakesh, Morocco

The city is more popular than ever before.

If you’re as Instagram-obsessed as me, you’ve probably recently seen your favorite style and travel influencers make a pit stop in Marrakesh. Whether they’re strategically lounging around an intricately tiled pool, or posing atop a pile of hand-woven rugs, it’s obvious that this majestic city is brimming with Insta-worthy backdrops.

Inspired and in dire need of a vacation, I finally decided to hop on the bandwagon and visit it with my husband. For the few days I was there (and a couple weeks after when I was experiencing severe withdrawal) my feed never looked better. The rich culture was intoxicating—everywhere I turned there was a new dish to try, a cool craft to buy, a wonderful local artisan to meet, and a pretty setting to pose in for my next ‘gram.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in Marrakech along with the perfect spot to snap that pic that will get you all the likes. Because you're already there—might as well grab some stunning photos while you're at it.

1. At the Tiled Columns at La Mamounia

This palatial hotel is as five-star as five-stars get. While I was not willing to throw my entire savings account away to stay here, this didn’t stop me from touring the vast gardens and grabbing an insanely expensive lunch by their pool. If you do decide to visit, be sure to snap a pic frolicking through their signature columns.

2. On the Rugs in the Carpet Souk

One of the best things about Marrakesh is the souks—a maze of alleyways and squares in the medina (the walled old city) filled with hand-crafted slippers, colorful spices, woven baskets, leather goods, and so much more. While you’re there, make sure you haggle, well, literally everything and don’t miss out on the carpet souk—not only can you walk away with a Moroccan rug for cheap, but you’ll also get that coveted Magic Carpet Ride photo.

3. At the Yellow Velvet Couches at El Fenn

Another gorgeous hotel I did not stay at but frequently visited, El Fenn is an interior designer’s dream filled with lush palms and expertly curated Moroccan wares. Stop here for a boozy lunch on their rooftop or grab a snack by the pool but not before you pose on the luxurious yellow velvet couch.

4. In the Main Courtyard at the Ben Youssef Madrasa

Originally founded as an Islamic college, this beautiful structure features intricately carved cedar wood and stunning mosaics and is one of the most popular historical sites in Marrakesh. Make sure you visit early in the morning to take a tourist-free photo in front of the colorful tiles in the main courtyard.

5. At the Tiled Pool at Le Riad Yasmine

Research shows that Instagram posts featuring blue receive 24% more likes than other colors. To add this necessary shade to your feed, take a dip in the turquoise, tiled pool at Le Riad Yasmine. Surrounded by towering greenery and striped lounge chairs, it even features a convenient balcony to take that unique birds-eye shot. For extra likes, wear a wide-brimmed hat and order fresh fruit for an unexpected pop of color.

6. On the Blue Stairway at Jardin Majorelle

These 'gram-friendly gardens were purchased by the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in 1980. They are overwhelmingly chic, decorated in bright “Majorelle” blue and canary yellow and filled to the brim with exotic cacti. Make sure you seek out the blue stairway—tucked away in a corner, it offers a crowd-free space to get a cool yet casual walking-down-steps photo.

7. On the Pink Swing at Riad Jardin Secret:

A Riad is a multi-story inn surrounding a courtyard and is a great option for an authentic stay in the city. Normally decorated in a traditional Moroccan style, they can offer the perfect setting for an Instagram post. Riad Jardin Secret, for example, features the most Instagammable swing atop a millennial pink wonderland that is their rooftop terrace. Another great inexpensive option is Riad Helen, which is where I stayed and loved.

8. In the White Room at Le Royal Manour

Visit the atrium at this luxury hotel’s spa to get the ultimate glam ‘gram. Designed as an elaborate birdcage, the all-white theme means your photo will be bright AF, no flash needed. I also recommend wearing a white flowy dress to ace the fairytale feel.

9. On the Sand and/or on a Camel in the Desert

Finally, if you have time (which I sadly did not) try to escape the city to visit the nearby Sahara Desert. Apart from being a truly magical experience—think star-filled skies, camel rides, and ancient ruins—there’s also dunes for days AKA Instagram Gold.