The Most Iconic Swimsuits of All Time

From Bo Derek to Kim's thong.

Every girl can have a swimwear moment if she's got a patient friend and some good light, but if you want something slightly longer-lasting than Instagram, you're gonna need a crew and some A1 immersion into the culture. Here, 21 suits that did just that to become the most memorable ever.

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1 Raquel Welch

Cavewomen probably did not look like this. But tatters sell, so that's what Hollywood did for One Million Years B.C. #marketing

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2 Taylor Swift

Greetings from Maui! @haimtheband

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

This pic put to rest the conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift doesn't have a belly button (almost exclusively wearing high-waist bottoms tends to do that), though the debate surrounding the bent railing rages on. 

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3 Kim Kardashian

On the flip side (heh), a celebrity most of the world has seen naked in some capacity managed to top even herself...with clothes. Seen here on a girls' vacation in Mexico, she wears thong swimsuit bottoms, which prompted Piers Morgans to comment on her cellulite, though nobody asked him. 

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4 Farrah Fawcett

Hung in teenage bedrooms the world over. 

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5 Carrie Fisher

Though the late Carrie Fisher drew attention to how problematic it was, the bondage-inspired two-piece remains firmly in the HOF of movie costumes. 

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6 Romy Schneider

La Piscine had everything: extremely beautiful stars, an extremely French plot, and the chicest wardrobe, including this flawlessly cut white maillot. 

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7 Brooke Shields

If you didn't already know it, you could probably guess what the Blue Lagoon was about by looking at Brooke Shields' shipwreck-underwear-thing. (Answer: naked, unsupervised teens.)

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8 Brigitte Bardot

The film is literally titled Girl in the Bikini. So they better have made it a good one. 

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9 Marilyn Monroe

The characters of How to Marry a Millionaire might have accomplished their goal to varying degrees of success, but Marilyn's ultra-flattering ruched one-piece went over well with *all* audiences. 

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10 Keira Knightley

Like a moving Horst photo in an all-around gorgeous movie.

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