20 Chic Ideas for Your Grown-Up Halloween Party

No spaghetti brains here.

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If the thought of throwing a Halloween party mostly conjures up memories of the jello eyeballs and the toilet paper-strewn lawn of your childhood, maybe it's time to rethink your sweet (but dated) traditions. Below, some entertaining tips and tricks for a modern gal's Hallow's Eve, whether you're planning a fright fest or a charming costume party.

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1. Better-Than-Your-Average-Blood-Punch Boozy Cocktails

2. Glam White Pumpkins

3. Mummy Dogs

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4. Turn Your Home into a Bat Lair

Super fly. #batdoor #halloweendoor #daleytradition #quickgetapicturebeforeitrains

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5. Deconstructed Decor

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6. Haunted Gingerbread

7. Put Some 👀 on It

8. Poisoned Candy Apples

#candyapple #halloweencandyapples #black #blackcandyapples #candy #sweets #kidinacandystore

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9. Shadow Play

10. Bloody Flowers

Protea. Not even in a vase. Sometimes it's all you need. From #TwinkAndSis Halloween Dinner Party. 💀💀💀 Photo: @redanchorphoto

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11. Disco-ify Your Fall Squash

12. Color-blocked Party Favors

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13. A Pumpkin Punch Spigot

14. A Sweet Treat You'll Just Want to Keep For Yourself

15. Scare All the Kids Away Jack-o-Lantern

16. 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Pies

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17. Murder, She Baked

18. As If Mannequins Could Get Any Creepier

19. A Joke Your Cats Won't Appreciate

New Friend 🐱 #kittybones #catsofinstagram #skeleton skeletoncat #halloweendecoration

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20. Gingerbread Skeletons

Gingerbread skeleton cookies for a Halloween party 💀👻

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