Patrick Zweig's Sneakers Are My Second Favorite Thing About 'Challengers'

You know...behind the actual tennis.

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There was a lot to love about Challengers (the score! The…tension!) but there was one underrated detail I couldn’t keep my eyes off of: Patrick Zweig, played to sweaty perfection by Josh O’Connor, and his Nike sneakers.

I had gone into the theater less focused on tennis and more on style, fully prepared for a fashion scavenger hunt. Loewe Creative Director and J.W. Anderson founder Jonathan Anderson crafted the costumes—meaning practically every look either featured one of Loewe's pieces or came courtesy of a past collaborator, like the sneaker brand ON and minimalist fashion giant Uniqlo.

The resulting two-hour saga was basically an Easter egg search for fashion nerds (that is, me). Each scene revealed a new cult-favorite product worthy of pointing out to my fiancé, including the exact gray "I Told Ya" T-shirt that Zendaya recently wore to a Manhattan screening. (Yes, you can buy it now at Loewe.)

Zendaya in New York City for Challengers April 2024

Zendaya wore her "I Told Ya" T-shirt from the film's set to a Manhattan screening.

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One costume piece that was not from a Loewe or J.W. Anderson collaborator caught my attention, though: Patrick's sneakers for practically the entire film, save for when he swings his racquet around during one of the many (very intense) match scenes. As someone who went into the theater fully expecting to gush over Tashi's looks from the film—no one could deny Zendaya's serves on the press tour!—my fashion editor brain lasered in on the sneakers. They're slender, a little retro, and completely cool, and I left my screening desperate to find them.

Eagle-eyed TikTokers let me know that they’re the Nike Killshot 2, and now I’m considering them as a replacement for my Adidas Sambas this summer. They have the same slender silhouette, consistent with many of 2024’s trendier sneakers, but are just different enough for me to consider adding them to my ever-growing collection.


♬ Challengers [MIXED] (Challengers Soundtrack) - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross & Boys Noize

Only the truest fashion historians know that the sneaker has a backstory on the court. Initially released in 1979 as a shoe intended for sports like racquetball, the silhouette was re-released with a refreshed leather upper in 2009.

The Nike killshot would continue to consistently sell out in seconds by the end of 2019 (when much of the movie takes place), so Zweig practically living in them is a subtle nod to sneakerheads—a true if-you-know-you-know moment.

Here's the good news: the Killshots are now available in women's sizes, so we can get in on the action. For the most movie-accurate purchase, buy them in the navy blue shade.

Can I actually play tennis? No. Do I need to get my feet into the Killshots this summer? Absolutely. What I lack in athletic skill, I make up for in my ability to recognize a good sneaker when I see one.

I'm calling it now: They will be this season's most underrated sneaker trend. Considering they're currently retailing for just $90 in three colors, these are officially a Challengers Easter egg that's for the girls.

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