The ability to lounge for hours, a space where you can kick off your shoes, everything you need within easy access: The reasons to entertain at home rather than going out are many. Inspired by the season of sunshine and good vibes, we dreamt up three tablescapes you can easily recreate at home when pulling together a breezy party with friends.

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Kate Sears

Sweet & Feminine

Sometimes an overly indulgent sweet feast is necessary. Go all out with decor that focuses on blush, cream, and golden hues via a perfectly imperfect collection of dishes that feel as if they were plucked from Parisian flea markets.

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Kate Sears

What to serve: Feel less guilty about all the sugary snacks by keeping your drink on the up-and-up. Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions* use natural flavors instead of added sugar, resulting in a blend that's far from saccharine (try adding a bit of zero-cal seltzer water for a summertime spritzer). The strawberry-and-rose combo is refreshing, and both ingredients make for beautiful garnishes.

When planning your spread, think of what your guests love. Someone's all about gummies? Put a bowl next to her place setting. Have another friend who can't quit macaroons? Make sure she's covered.

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Kate Sears


Barbecue, cookout, grilling...summer might be the time for cooking in the great outdoors, but the end result can be more IG-friendly than a classic camper's picnic table. Run a length of burlap through the center, and fill mason jars with a panoply of wildflowers. Peppy gingham is the print to pick (and cloth napkins are an eco-friendly option).

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Kate Sears

What to serve: For food and drink, keep things simple. Smirnoff's Zero Sugar Infusions make cocktail-creating a breeze since the subtly flavored vodka doesn't need much, if anything, to be a crowd-pleaser. Fresh ingredients that play up its given flavor—in this instance, watermelon and mint—can add a special twist (while also making the glass look gorgeous).

Have snacks out when guests arrive so they can relax while the grill heats up. Pick things that are both easy to prep and nosh: Cornbread and watermelon slices can be easily made ahead of time and are perfect for guests to grab.

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Kate Sears

Festive Fiesta

Reclaim your patio space and get ready to host. Mexican-inspired dishes are reliable crowd-pleasers, and easy tricks can turn the event into something that feels luxe. Find bright, bright, bright linens, and string paper pennants up wherever space allows. Do a fun spin on assigned seats by propping name cards up against mini succulents; let guests take them home after as party favors.

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Kate Sears

What to serve: Give the margs a break in favor of something lighter. Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Cucumber and Lime has similar flavors, but with way less sugar. It's easy to batch too: Find your ideal combo of vodka, seltzer, and ice, then let guests decide how much spice they want to add by setting out a bowl of chopped jalapeño.

When it comes to appetizer-type snacks, nothing beats guacamole—and you can really impress your guests by making your own tortilla chips. It's easier than you think (and takes less than 30 minutes all in).

The Smirnoff Co., Norwalk, CT.

*Per 1.5 fl. oz.

Average Analysis: Calories-72; Carbohydrates-0g; Sugar-0g; Protein-0g; Fat-0g.

Please sip responsibly.