First a little background.

Boulder CO.

Founded February 10, 1859.

25.46 Square Miles

Population: 103,100

City of Boulder Stats

Laura Tingle, originally from

Nebraska, is now living in Boulder,
Colorado. Laura swam

and ran track in high school
and during her first two years of

college, She had heart surgery her junior year of

college. While recovering she started
riding a bike, and

fell in love with it. Laura
completed her first triathlon in

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April of 2005, and started
racing professionally in

August 2005. She has completed
two Ironmans, and is now

focusing on the half ironman

Unfortunately Laura was hit by

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car while riding in November,
2007, and is now working

her way back into shape for the
2008 season. NOTHING GETS HER

When she's not training and
racing, Ishe enjoys going to

church, riding her long board, and baking cookies.


Laura recommends the Flatiron
Athletic Club
for chlorinated swimming and weight lifting but also likes the
Boulder Reservoir for open water swimming. Her favorite place to ride is any mountain in Boulder. She's a maniac. Admits she likes to ride up as much as
down! Her favorite run spots
include the Marshall Mesa, just south of Boulder. At Teller Farms, on the
Boulder Creek Trail, and in the winter she
runs the stairs in front of the Westminster Rec

Laura's top workout bands are
the Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Incubus and Trina.

Laura's a tough chick so be sure to check out her favorite spots. Be sure to wave if you see a hot blonde on a bike go flying by (uphill).

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