The Powerful Reason Women Are Tweeting Photos of Their Shoes

It's not for fashion, that's for sure.

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Women all over the world today are sharing pictures of the shoes they'll wear to the Women's March, which is set to take place on January 21 across all 50 states and in approximately 60 countries throughout the world.

Along with the powerful pics of their "#MarchingShoes," women are including their reasons for taking part in the historic event.

Some are doing it for their daughters.

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Including the ones that are not yet born.

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Some are marching for their families.

Others, for history.

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Some are marching for #NastyWomen everywhere.

And for pussies that do not want to be grabbed.

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For the right to feel safe.

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And for those who are voiceless.

For resistance.

Pretty powerful, huh? Shoes can be so much more than a fashion statement.

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