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"An inspiration" is how Nigerian doctor Rilwan Raji described Israel's efforts in furthering women's rights especially in high-level government positions. Raji, along with distinguished citizens of Nepal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Caribbean island of Nevis, convened in Jerusalem last week for the International Women's Conference. The conference featured speeches from prominent Israeli politicians, activists, businesswomen, journalists, and religious leaders all of whom are passionate in the field of gender equality. Topics of discussion included the role of women in Israeli society, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), leadership roles, education, and the opportunities and challenges faced when tradition meets the values of a modern world.

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The Conference featured its partner Stand With Us, an international nonprofit organization that serves to support Israel from around the world. Stand With Us aided in the promotion and execution of the summit, which powerfully laid the groundwork for continued communication and action in improving women's rights across the globe. As Dr. Lucho Engelbert Bain of Cameroon stated, "[Health] problems of women are the same the world over, even though the degree differs."

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