Maura Brannigan

Meghan Markle on the Struggles of Getting Into the TV Industry
In an exclusive interview for, Meghan Markle opens up about her character Rachel Zane and how long it took her to final…
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The Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week With the 7-Day Diet Plan
We worked with registered dietician Junelle Lupiani to create a satisfying, comprehensive week-long plan that will leave you full, heal…
Your Ultimate Halloween Entertaining Guide: Drinks & Treats!
Our favorite holiday extends far beyond our office's costume trunk, thanks to an endless array of tasty treats and spooky cocktails to …
alvin ailey dancer jacqueline green
Alvin Ailey's Powerhouse
Already a professional at age 23, Alvin Ailey's Jacqueline Green tells us about what drives her dancing, and how she got to live her dr…
5 Cat Accessories to Wear All Fall
Bona fide dog lovers can still get down with the latest mrrreeeow-worthy trend in the accessory world: cats.
4 Hairstyles to Try at the Office This Week
Try the below four styles every morning for the rest of the week, and surprise yourself at the simplicity of the results.
Be Still Our Hearts: Kate Moss, Johnny Depp Reuniting
"They try to avoid one another in public as there have been raw emotions in the past, but neither could say no to [Paul McCartney]
Inspiration for Your Weekend Wardrobe: Diane Kruger Edition
Draw inspiration for whatever you may have on the docket this weekend with three recent, fall-inspired 'fits of Kruger's.
Lady Gaga's New Music Video Is Independence Day Meets Country Western
There's a lot happening in the video's three minutes, but what else would you expect from Mother Monster herself?
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5 Reasons to Love Prince Harry's Boo, Cressida Bonas
She might just be a secret Delevingne and we're the first people to have figured it out.
50 Things Men Want You to Know About Dating and Sex

We took to the internet via Reddit and polled our male pals to get their straightforward answers.

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Pakistani Taliban on Malala: "She Is Not a Brave Girl."
Malala's inspirational strength and wide-spread message of "education for all" has launched her as a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize…
This Year's Essential Halloween Movie List

Lo and behold, the only flicks you'll need to watch this spooky season.

Wedding Outfit Inspiration for the 'Over It' Guest in All of Us
Overbooked social schedule? We know the feeling. Get inspired for your next celebration with these five dreamy looks.
Nonstop Kerry Washington Outfit Envy Has Led To This
Are we gladiators or are we b*tches, right?
The Pre-Ejaculation Drug Has Arrived, Making Adolescent Teens Everywhere Scream Silently With Joy
This FDA-approved, over-the-counter spray reduces sensitivity (i.e. numbs the area) to allow for longer performance. Interesting
How to Get FREE Birth Control NOW
Under Obamacare, the full range of FDA-approved prescription birth control methods must be covered by every insurance plan, and without…
An Ode to Hillary Clinton's Headbands from the '90s
Let's start breaking these dusty old things out of Mom's closet.
Women Are Perpetuating Our Own Shopping Stereotypes
Popular male terms, however, include "f—k," "xbox," and "himself."
Mindy Kaling Has Some Real Talk About Body Confidence
"I always get asked, 'Where do you get your confidence?' I think people are well meaning, but it's pretty insulting."
Is a 100-Percent Effective Breast Cancer Vaccine in the Works?
"I think the potential is excellent. Let the vaccine speak for itself. As an expert, I know it has great potential."
ICYMI: Hermione Granger Is a Feminist, At Least According to Emma Watson
If anything, Ron would have taken Hermione's last name, no?
Eric Daman on Reinventing Carrie Bradshaw's Legendary Wardrobe for The Carrie Diaries
We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes with the genius behind some of TV's most legendary costumes, Eric Daman, who just so happens…
Hm: Study Says Females Lose Self-Confidence in College
Perhaps it's time we undergo an undergraduate reality check.
15 Minutes with the One and Only Zac Posen
Team got to spend 15 minutes chit-chatting with Zac Posen on all things Project Runway, Heidi Klum, and upping the ante…
Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 Street Style
Our unbelievable street style photog, Guerre of the well-known blog Guerreisms, has moved on to the fashion capital of the world — Mila…
An Evening at the NYC Ballet's Fall Gala
Last night, life was but a dream.
London Fashion Week Spring 2014 Street Style
Now that New York Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week is said and done, our fabulous street style photog, Guerre of the popular blog Guerre…