Swoon Alert: NYC Ballet to Feature Prabal Gurung, Iris van Herpen & Olivier Theyskens Costumes

Be prepared to awaken the girliest of your childhood dreams.

Next Thursday, Sept. 19, the New York City Ballet will debut its oh-so-glamorous fall gala in an even more fashion-oriented manner than usual. And while the fashion set has traditionally fawned over ballet in the past (think Rodarte designing for Black Swan), next week's performance is taking that collaboration to a whole new level. In order to draw in a new devoted audience (read: the aforementioned fashion set), three A-list designers have been paired with three equally A-list choreographers: Justin Peck with Prabal Gurung, Angelin Prelijocaj with Olivier Theyskens, and finally Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman's hubby) with Iris Van Herpen.

Chairwoman Sarah Jessica Parker, an avid and longtime ballet attendee, told The New York Times that this opportunity will be an artistic milestone for the three designers. "When I think about Prabal taking this on, I think about what it means for him as an artist," she said. "What ballet gives him is an important developmental moment." Gurung, whose NYFW Spring 2014 collection wowed MC's legion of editors, responded by saying: "I wanted to make sure the clothes had that, too: the highs and the lows. How do I transform that, keeping in mind that these have to be in action?"

The results — both the pirouettes and the tutus — will be stunning. Stay tuned for more exclusive NYCB coverage next week!

Photo: Joseph Altuzarra's collaboration for NYCB's spring gala

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