Makeup How-To: How to Look Younger

When you've got these tricks, who needs the Fountain of Youth?

Even those of us in the prime of life, i.e., everybody, can sometimes use a boost. Whether you're feeling under the weather or haven't gotten your 40 winks, you'll be sure to find a brightening, prettifying solution below.

1. Full brows can help define your facial features, so fill in any sparse spots with short, feathery strokes using a pencil like Estée Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo.

2. A thick black line, created with Estée Lauder Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner, on the top lid only will give the illusion of lifting the eye. It also takes attention away from the under eye, which making you look more awake, and thus younger!

3. By using light color eye shadows (think: beige, sand, white, cream), you take away the illusion of darkness around the eyes, which can make you look tired. Conversely, using dark shadows on already dark eyes may make you look more tired unless you also apply concealer and eye liner. When using just a light shadow like Estée Lauder's Pure Color Gelée Powder Eye Shadow in Cyber Silver, however, you can get away with wearing less while still looking youthful! Less is more!

4. Applying a bright pink blush, such as Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush,higher up on the cheekbones creates a more youthful, healthy looking glow.

5. Apply Estée Lauder Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector to the high planes of your face, then blend for an even toned complexion that will give you a youthful glow.

Photos by Stephania Stanley

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