This Weird Toy Lets You Pop Fake Pimples and We Can't Stop Watching

Satisfying? Gross? Both.

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In today's WTF-please-make-it-stop news, a new toy exists that will make you want to both vomit and cry tears of something (joy? Happiness? Fear? Who knows!). Meet the Pop It Pal, a silicone brick of fun with 15 "pimples" in it that you can squeeze fake pus out of. Wanna die yet? Good.

The toy was created by a wife and husband, Summer and Billy Pierce, who set out to satisfy their picking obsession without destroying their skin. And, apparently, the Pop It Pal was their solution.

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Each little slab—available in both fair and deep skin tones, which, like, hell yes, Pierce family—comes with a bottle of refillable pus (made from all-natural beeswax and olive oil), plus a little pimple-refilling tool, so you can keep your popping obsession going long into the night.

The kit is only $19.99, which is about a zillion dollars cheaper than the products you'd have to buy to offset the skin damage that comes from popping your own pimples. So if you're a fan of pimple-popping videos—and your own zits—then might we suggest playing with this "toy" instead? Your dermatologist will thank you.

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