18 Acne Spot Treatments to Banish Pimples, Stat

Pimple? What pimple?

(Image credit: Edward Berthelot)

When an uninvited guest (hint: a pimple) pops up, we tend to go into panic mode. From DIY classics like tea tree oil to prescription remedies, we'll do anything to banish that pesky blemish. But when you're looking for a spot treatment that really works, lean on hero ingredients, like alpha-, beta-, and poly-hydroxy acids, plus hydrating materials that won't leave your complexion dry and flaky (especially if you deal with sensitive skin). Without further ado, allow us to present the acne spot treatments we swear by—the ones equipped to handle even the most stubborn breakouts.

Chelsea Hall
Chelsea Hall

Chelsea Hall is the Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, where she covers celebrity style, fashion trends, skincare, makeup and anything else tied into the world of fashion and beauty