Why The Lashify Control Kit Is Worth It

Legit long, fluttery eyelash extensions at home are a reality now.

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The Promise

Unlike classic faux lashes, which are glued along the top of the lash line, Lashify's signature individual Gossamer lashes are imperceptibly attached to the underside of natural lashes for real-looking length. The Control Kit contains everything you need to start, including the brand's specialized glue, faux lashes, application wand, and a sealant to make the look last. When applied correctly, a full set of Lashify lashes can last up to a week, like lash-extensions, but at a more modest price tag and without in-salon visits.

Why I'm Obsessed

I like to think that I'm pretty skilled when it comes to most beauty trends. But for whatever reason, I have never, ever been able to apply fake lashes. Despite studying YouTube tutorials, every time I've gone in with some strip or individual lashes, they always end up falling off by the end of the night, making my eyes uncomfortably sticky, or just looking ridiculously fake. But I love the look of fluttery, fanned-out lashes. I considered booking an appointment for professional extensions, but horror stories of damaged lashes and the pure annoyance of having to go in every two weeks for upkeep kept me at home. So, I've kept at it with my mascara (disappointedly) every day, envious of people who are dexterous enough to apply fake lashes.

When the Lashify Control Kit came my way, I looked at it sadly, knowing it would never work for me. And, true to form, the first two times I tried them, I failed pretty spectacularly. There's definitely a learning curve when it comes to making these lashes look natural, sit comfortably, and last longer than an evening. I was lucky enough to have a personal consultation with the Lashify team—a service that is available virtually on their site—and somehow, magically, I honed my skills.

Here are some of the takeaways that make applying these lashes a piece of cake:

1. Brush through your bare, clean lashes with the mascara-wand end of the Whisper Light glue like you would with a standard mascara.

2. Go in with a second coat of the glue, focusing on the base of your natural lashes. Wiggle it there to really deposit the glue.

3. With the opposite end of the glue—which looks like classic lash glue—paint a line across the underside of your lashes, from the inner to outer corner.

4. Pick your favorite Gossamer lashes, place them carefully on the underside of your lashes and use the Fuse Control Wand to pinch your natural lashes together with the faux lashes. I personally find it easier to work from the inner corner outwards.

5. Once your full set is attached, give the whole lash line one more pinch with the Fuse tool, then apply the Glass sealant to remove any stickiness from the glue and give your lashes a shiny look.

There are plenty of videos to help visualize the process—it's definitely a different system than other falsies. But the result is a your-lashes-but-better look that doesn't damage your natural set, and lasts. To prolong the life of my Lashifys, I avoid using oil cleansers near my lash line, and sleep with a silk eye mask so they don't fall off in the night. They're not truly lash extensions, and they will come off, whether you choose to remove them, or the glue simply wears off. But the good news is that once that happens and you have the technique down, it's so easy to re-up and get gorgeous lashes again.


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