Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation Is a Makeup Artist Favorite—and It's 30% Off for Black Friday

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian consider it their secret for glowy skin.

armani silk foundation
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Let's be honest, not all makeup products are created equally. And though we love our mascara and have always had a soft spot for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (which is, incidentally, now 50 percent off in the Black Friday sale at Ulta), the undisputed top dog is foundation.

Foundation is the difference between radiant skin and a dull complexion. It helps  even out our tone and create a smooth base on which to add other products, from bronzer to highlighter. Plus, a foundation that lasts is the key to remaining fresh-faced through the day and night, and sets the tone for how the rest of our makeup looks. But which one to go for?

I asked myself the same question about five years ago. Like looking for the perfect partner, I was tired of speed-dating different foundations, only to feel disappointed in the end. Even the ones that seemed good at first ended up slipping off my face far too early or gave me that caked look  I've been trying to avoid since high school.

But, just like with dating, they say that it's often when you're about to give up that the right one appears, and so it did. I'd had my makeup done by a professional for a shoot at work. Not only did I immediately notice that I looked that perfect balance of natural, dewy and even-toned, my friends also commented on how good my skin looked when I went out later that night—a whole eight hours after having had the foundation initially applied.

It was love at first sight, and I've never looked back .

The foundation in question? The Armani Luminous Silk Liquid Foundation, a long-time favorite of makeup artists across the world. And, best of all, it's currently 30 percent off in the Armani Beauty Black Friday Sale (just add the code DONATE30 at checkout). Meaning that instead of $60 (still well worth it in my opinion), you can get it for just $44.80. 

Here are some things I love about it, and that you will too:

1. It smooths on evenly and is easy to work with, meaning you can move it around to cover blemishes or rosacea, and can keep playing with it until you feel it's perfect.

2. It's so glowy that I no longer add highlighter—a time-saving bonus!

3. It feels lightweight and breathable on your skin but still gives full coverage.

4. It lasts for hours. In fact, I insisted my wedding makeup artist used it, and can attest to it sticking with me for a whole 36-hours of dancing, crying, drinking and... well, more crying. And I'm not the only bride who favored the product: Meghan Markle also opted for the Armani foundation for her wedding day look back in 2018.

5. It doesn't leave your pores looking enlarged and doesn't crack over the course of the day.

If the above wasn't enough to send you speeding for the checkout, queen Kim Kardashian herself is known to use the foundation. "I love a little extra glow," she told followers, as she applied the foundation (using her fingers!) during an at-home makeup tutorial.

And if you're sold on the foundation but want to try out some other Armani Beauty products while you're at it, we've rounded up some of the brand's best-sellers below. (We've shown the prices below with the 30 percent Black Friday discount applied—just remember to add the code DONATE30 at checkout.) Go on, up your glow game.