15 Beauty Brands Giving Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Giving back is beautiful.

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October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States—a time devoted to the awareness a prevention of breast cancer, which infects one in eight women. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance that people support the breast cancer patients and survivors in their lives. Women should also ensure that they regularly perform self-examinations and have regular mammograms in order to stay on top of one's own health and wellnessparticularly among those who have pre-existing conditions, such as dense breasts or the presence of the BRCA gene. Early detection, after all, can significantly reduce the severity and risk that breast cancer poses to patients.

While this disease impacts a devastating number of us, there is still much hope: Groundbreaking research is being done every day to prevent, cure, and lessen the symptoms of this disease, and there are also countless organizations out there that are working to make patients' and survivors' lives easier. 

You can, of course, directly support organizations like this directly—including Memorial Sloan Kettering, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Pink Agenda, and more—but you can also do so by choosing to support brands that give back when it comes time for you to make your next shopping trip. And this month, number of brands are donating their profits to Breast Cancer Awareness in a variety of ways. 

Read on to learn about the beauty brands donating to breast cancer research, awareness, and patient/survivor support, so that when you make your next purchase, you know your dollars are going to a cause you believe in. 

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