The Best Eyebrow Brushes for Your Strongest Brows Yet

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Whether you fill in your eyebrows religiously, tint your eyebrows, or swipe a bit of eyebrow gel across them every morning, you're coming into contact with one of the best eyebrow brushes. These indispensable makeup tools can help craft your ideal brows, whether you opt for a gel, a powder, or a pencil. "An eyebrow brush is used to help you fill and shape your brows," explains celebrity makeup artist Amrita Mehta. "It helps fill gaps within the brows and make them look full and shapely, and it can used with a powder or pomade to help evenly disperse product throughout the brush while filling in."

Still, not every brush is built the same. Which is why I've consulted makeup artists and reached into my own makeup bag to bring you the best eyebrow brushes of all time, along with advice on how to use them.

The Best Eyebrow Brushes

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Do I Need an Eyebrow Brush?

Whether you like a full, filled-in brow or a natural look, one of the best eyebrow brushes can be of benefit. "You can use eyebrow brushes with a pigmented gel-like product or a transparent one just to make them look brushed and clean," says Miller. She adds that if your brush has a spoolie on the other end, that can help control hairs and evenly distribute the formula.

How to Use an Eyebrow Brush

Once you find a pomade, gel, or powder, that matches your hair color, you're off to the races. In terms of technique, "It’s all about how you hold the brush," says Miller. "You want to place your hand closer to the brush head, but towards the middle of the brush itself. Hold it as gently as possible and don’t press too much." Be sure to create short, hair-like strokes rather than treat your brows like blocks you're coloring in. Remember: A little goes a long way.

"Start with less product on the bristles and dip/add more as you go to avoid overly harsh brows," adds Mehta. "I like to brush through my bare brows and groom them with a spoolie first to pinpoint what needs to be filled in to create a more natural and fluffy brow."

woman with great strong eyebrows from eyebrow bruhs

Brush all your brow hairs up before filling them in. This will help identify sparse areas and gaps.

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What's the Best Type of Eyebrow Brush?

Flat Angle Brushes

"Flat/ angle brushes are mostly used with pomades and pigments to give your brows that chiseled defined look," explains Miller. "You can draw on brow hair by brow hair, or you can just use it to help you get the brow shape that suits your face the best."

Mehta, who has worked on editorial campaigns, music videos, and runway shows, has a tried-and-true system for using these brushes. "I like to dip the angle tip into the product, then work it into the bristles by making a couple of initial strokes on the back of my hand before starting on my brows," she says. "Make short, feathery strokes using the shape of your brow as a guide."

Spoolie Brushes

Once Mehta is done using the angle brushes, she likes to "blend the strokes out with a spoolie to create a soft, diffused look." She explains that a spoolie helps to guide, groom, and shape your eyebrows. "It combs through your brow hairs to disperse product and tame any unruly brow hairs to create a more polished brow," she adds.

Miller adds that spoolies are great for low-maintenance or no-makeup looks. "It’s a great tool to use with some transparent eyebrow gel on no-makeup days to make your eye area look sharper and more put together," she says.

How to Clean Your Eyebrow Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes helps them last longer, keeps your formulas from mixing, and keeps acne and irritation at bay. "I love using a brush soap or a fragrance-free bar soap to wash my brushes," says Mehta. "I work the soap through the bristles, then rinse with warm water. I’ll reshape the bristles with my hand, then lay the brush flat to dry to avoid any water getting into the barrel."

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