The 12 Best Ice Globes for Your Face in 2023

Get ready for some near-instant de-puffing.

best ice globes
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As much as I love skincare (and I really love skincare), there’s nothing I obsess over more than a good cryotherapy tool. I mean, I’d happily give a Ted Talk about the de-puffing, calming, and super-sculpting powers of the best ice globes to anyone that will listen. Here’s the thing: Ice rollers are the easiest way to get *dramatic* benefits—at home—in five minutes flat. Whether I’m having a rosacea flare that’s begging to be calmed down or am looking a little rough from a restless night’s sleep, a DIY cryotherapy facial makes me look approximately 1000 times better. Even though I like to think of ice globes as two magic sticks I can whip out of my refrigerator, there’s a very real reason as to why they work so well. 

Josie Holmes, a licensed aesthetician at SKINNEY Medspa, explains that their cold temperature, paired with the unique circular shape of an ice globe, can reduce redness and inflammation, while also increasing circulation. Another bonus? “With specific movements, [ice globes] can really relax the facial muscles,” Holmes explains. “You can easily work along the facial anatomy while aiding in contouring and de-puffing.” 

The multitude of benefits seems too good to be true—I know. But as an ice globe aficionado, I pinky promise this cooling tool is the real deal. So whether you’re ready to splurge on a titanium set that stays icy for an hour or want to test the waters with a glass option, keep reading. Here, we’ve rounded up the best ice globes of all time. 

How to Use an Ice Globe

Let’s kick this off by saying that using an ice globe is fool-proof. There’s no “wrong” way to use them, or any risk involved. But if you want to see maximum benefits, there is a technique to follow. 

First and foremost, start with clean, freshly washed skin. “Utilize a serum to act as a glide. The motions of the cryo sticks will help to further penetrate the product into the skin,” explains Holmes. Then, roll your globes in an upward motion to give a lifting effect. You can also use a downward motion to help with lymphatic drainage. 

Once you’re depuffed and satisfied, wrap up your skincare routine—and wash your ice globes. “We want to be sure we are not carrying any bacteria into the next treatment, as these tools are not single use,” adds Holmes. “It is also important to clean the globes in order to remove any product residue. In addition, it is wise to store your cryo globes in a container to keep them free of bacteria, dirt, and germs.” 

The Best Ice Globes

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