If You Skip Net-a-Porter's Beauty Section, You're Missing Out

No gatekeeping here.

Listing image_Chanel Lipstick and Aesop Hand Wash: 20 Small Luxuries I'd Never Stop Buying
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As a beauty editor, I feel it’s my duty to let you in on a little-known secret that I’m very tempted to gatekeep: If you love luxe makeup, elite skincare, and designer perfumes like I do, you should know that Net-a-Porter is the place to go for these buys. Amid the retailer's trendy fashion pieces and coveted labels, you could potentially miss its beauty section. When I finally did a deep dive, I kicked myself for not checking it out sooner. To my surprise, I found some of those quiet-luxury beauty brands that are insanely difficult to find anywhere. I also stocked up on some best-selling classics and trendy new launches. Keep reading to see what made it into my cart—because friends don’t let friends miss out.

This article was originally published on Who What Wear.