The 10 Coziest Winter Candles

Burn, baby, burn.

(Image credit: Susanna Hayward)

I can say with no shame or hesitation that I am a full-on candle abuser. Rather than appreciating one little jar of wax at a time like a normal person, I tend to go a little nuts once I get started. I go full Khaleesi on my entire collection at once—think burning three clashing scents simultaneously, or lighting every open wick on my extra-large candles. I can't help myself: I love being surrounded by soft, warm candlelight and a cozy, comforting scent. It's the olfactory alternative to weighted blanket, a mild sedative after a chilly day of work. And after a long hot summer wishing everything would turn to ice, I've settled into my candlelit cave for a long winter.

That said, I'm all for thinking outside the box when it comes to the "traditional" winter candle. While nothing makes me feel more metaphorically swaddled than a creamy vanilla scent or a woodsy option that smells like a campfire, there are a ton of vegetal, floral, and downright funky options to choose from that will still turn your humble abode into a winter wonderland. I've obviously been testing this theory daily: an herbaceous bouquet of lavender is like a tranquilizer dart to the ass cheek as your radiator is clanging back to life, and a sunny citrus scent helps wake me right up after a heavy sleep under my goose-down comforter, fresh from storage. Here, your new go-tos to burn with abandon. Winter is coming, after all.