25 Candles That Look Just as Good as They Smell

How many candles is too many candles? (Asking for a friend.)

Collection of candles
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Let me start off by saying that I am very passionate about candles—I have three burning in my apartment at any given moment and also have a shelf dedicated to the ones that are "just for display." Now, after spending more time than ever indoors, that passion has been ignited (bad pun completely intended). Most people will try to tell you that fancy candles (opens in new tab) aren't worth the price, but you and I both know that there's nothing better than laying on the couch next to a dreamy candle that looks and smells good. Stock up on our top picks, ahead, that will carry you through all four seasons (opens in new tab) from pine to wood sage to sea salt to vanilla bean.

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