The Best Face Washes for Dry Skin

Because clean skin doesn't mean stripped skin.

best face washes
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There are a lot of reasons why washing your face can feel like a chore. In my case, it's because my bathroom sink is approximately one square inch, which means I end up splashing the entire area with water on a nightly basis. It's also because so many face cleansers, while removing grime and makeup from my skin, end up making my face feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. Especially in the wintertime, when cold wind and icy weather zaps all the moisture out of our skin, washing your face can oftentimes exacerbate dehydration. That can mean extra discomfort, more dry patches, and dull-looking skin.

But that doesn't have to be the case! There are more face washes than ever that are specifically made to treat dryness while also giving you an effective cleanse. Whether your skin is super sensitive, or super dry, or somewhere in the middle, these brands have created cleansers that work with your skin type, all without stripping it. From the classics to the innovators, the luxe purchases to the drugstore steals, the gentle and the intense, you'll find a cleanser on this list that will make you actually look forward to washing your face.

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The Ultra-Sensitive Cleanser
Dry Skin Relief Gentle Cleansing Face Wash
$12.49 (38% off)

If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, you know that finding the right cleanser can be a difficult journey. Not only is this product non-stripping and hydrating, but it contains no irritating ingredients like fragrance.

The Gentle Face Wash
Hydrating Facial Cleanser

If you skin suffers from intense dehydration, this product is ideal for cleansing while reintroducing moisture at the same time. With ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this product won't leave the skin feeling tight and itchy, but will still remove sweat and pollution from the skin.

The Green Smoothie
Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser
Youth To The People

The ingredients in this cleanser are so clean you might be more familiar with them in a salad. With kale, spinach, and green tea, it calms inflamed skin while also thoroughly removing pollution and makeup that can clog pores.

The Cult Classic
Gentle Skin Cleanser
$11.40 (29% off)

If you need to be careful about which skincare products you use, this cleanser is recommended for very sensitive skin. Over time, it softens the texture of the skin while also effectively removing makeup and sweat.

The Refreshing Gel
Hydro Boost Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this gel softens and hydrates the skin while cleansing it. It has a lightweight texture that doesn't strip or dehydrate the skin.

The Hydrating Oil
Nourishing Oil Cleanser
Tata Harper

Applied to dry skin, this cleanser melts makeup and grime and turns into a gentle milk when it comes in contact with water. Packed with hydrating ingredients, this product never strips the skin, but effectively dissolves pollution.

The Detox Gel
Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
Dr. Loretta

With marine peptides, this gel-textured cleanser gives the skin the moisture it needs while also removing impurities. It leaves the natural oils your skin needs to stay hydrated intact, but still combats acne-causing pollution.

The 2-In-1
Olive Face and Body Wash

Using the same cleanser on your face and your body? Revolutionary. Using hydrating olive oil, this product nourishes the skin and soften dry patches. This product is ideal for sensitive skin that needs an extra dose of moisture.

The Moisturizing Cleanser
Cleansing Serum
Shani Darden Skin Care

With hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing natural extracts, and nourishing oat bran extract, this serum-like cleanser is gentle and lightweight. Applied in the morning and at night, this product won't ever leave the skin feeling too tight or dehydrated.

The Calming Product
Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

With nourishing Greek yoghurt, this cleanser is ideal for anyone who's prone to redness and irritation. It's very nourishing for even the most sensitive skin, and helps the skin keep its natural moisture.

The New Micellar Water
E-Rase™ Milki Micellar Water
Drunk Elephant

Instead of the typical standby of harsh, often drying micellar waters, this product is infused with ceramides and hydrating oils. Applied with a cotton pad, this milky-textured cream removes makeup, dirt, and bacteria. The best part? You don't even need to wash it off!

The Citrus Face Wash
Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Is there anything more refreshing and awakening than the smell of citrus in the morning? This grapefruit infused cleanser deeply detoxifies the skin, without dissolving our natural moisture barrier. Plus, it helps invigorate the skin for all-over improvement.

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