The 25 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Get your glow on at all times.

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Redness, scaly patches, and itching are the hallmarks of uncomfortably dry skin. There's nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than a cracked visage. And a steamy summer can make it worse—have you seen what an air conditioner can do to some plump, hydrated cheeks? That's why it's crucial to find a face moisturizer that soothes your dry skin with a hit of hydration before you step out the door. Whether you battle with eczema, simply have a dry or combination skin type, or can't step away from your apartment's A.C., the right moisturizer will provide your skin with the TLC it needs in the moisture department. And in the fall and winter months, it's even more important to find the right hydrating moisturizer. Cold, dry air only exacerbates the skin's dehydration.

What ingredients should I look for?

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While on the hunt for a hydrating moisturizer to add to your daily regimen, be sure to look for a formula loaded with plenty of antioxidants and emollients. These two ingredients are ideal for dry skin because they're active enough to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier, yet lightweight enough to not leave behind an oily, pore-clogging residue.

So which hydrating moisturizer should I use?

Whether your skin is sensitive, acne-prone, or you're looking to also treat fine lines. there's a moisturizer just for you. The hydrating moisturizers on this list that will save you from flaky, dry, lizard-skin nightmares. (And once your skin is back to its former glory? Check out our editors' favorite all-round moisturizers for all skin types.)

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