The 10 Best Hair Dryer Brushes in 2023

Is it a brush? Is it a blow dryer? It's both!

model with blown out hair after using a hair dryer brush
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Let it be known that I am no hair pro. Yes, I’ve invested in the best blow dryer for my hair. Yes, I’ve watched countless tutorials on how to blow dry hair to achieve a bouncy ‘90s-era blowout. And yet, somehow, I can't get the effect of a professional blow-dry with just a hair brush and a dryer. Hope is not lost for me, though—because I can just use a hair dryer brush for the same effect. Which brings me to: Marie Clarie's definitive list of the best hair dryer brushes that are going to make styling my (and your!) hair a little easier.

When to Use a Hair Dryer Brush

Allow me to make the case for adding this shiny new tool to your repertoire. Hair dryer brushes are great if you’re looking to add volume, cut both your drying and styling time in half, and achieve a shiny, finished look—or just trying to figure out how to blow dry your hair at home. Using a traditional round brush can take a long time (and can cause your arm to hurt in the process if you have a lot of hair), and hair dryer brushes are designed to make a blowout more achievable.

How to Use a Hair Dryer Brush

As with any hot tool, using a hair dryer bush requires some know-how. Just because I had to fumble around in the proverbial dark to master my own skills doesn’t mean you have to. Ahead, I turned to the experts to break down exactly what you should do once you bring a hair dryer brush home. 

How Wet Should Your Hair Be?

If you’ve been on TikTok at all over the last few years, you’ve no doubt seen videos of users advising you not to use your hair dryer brush on fresh-from-the-shower hair. They were right. “First make sure your hair is not soaking wet,” says celebrity stylist David Lopez, who has worked with Ashley Graham and Hailey Bieber. “It’s best to have it very towel dried, at least 50 percent air dried—meaning water is not dripping from it, but it’s still pretty wet.” 

Their best pro tip before you start out? “The frizzier your hair is, the more wet you want your hair to be when you begin,” they say. If volume is your ultimate goal, either rough dry your hair first or let your hair dry completely before you use the device. 

Proper Hair Dry Brush Technique

To get the most out of your hair dryer brush, follow Lopez’s lead. “Use it the same way a pro stylist would use a round brush and blow dryer,” they say. “Take nice, clean sections, and smooth each section out, wrap the hair once around the barrel and then slowly work the brush down the section with tension. Then when you get to the end, really roll the ends around the brush as you are heating it up to get a really smooth bouncy finish. If you want you can roll it back up to the base and let it sit there for a second to get a bit more bounce out of it."

How We Chose the Best Hair Dryer Brushes

There are a few key details that separate the best hair dryer brushes from other options on the market. (Trust me—I'm an E-Commerce Editor who shops for a living and is only here to recommend the best products.)

  • Weight: If a round brush and blow dryer are too heavy, you’re going to want to invest in a hair dryer brush that’s lightweight. Especially if you have longer hair or thicker hair, you’re going to be holding the tool for a few minutes at a time. (Most of the tools on this list are some of the lightest brushes on the market.)
  • Heat Settings: As with any hot tool, you’re going to want a hair dryer brush that doesn’t get too hot but still has a good variety of heat settings, plus a cool shot to set your style. The majority of the options on this list have the classic three settings, while some have more. This will allow you to customize your drying routine based on your hair type, curl pattern, hair texture, and more, without exposing it to too much heat. Let me use this time to remind you to invest in a great heat protectant product. 
  • Barrel Size and Shape: Hair dryer brush barrels (try saying that five times fast!) come in all shapes and sizes, and each one gives you a different look. Traditional round barrels are great for giving defined curls. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the finished curl will be. Oval-shaped barrels are great for providing bend to the hair and giving a boost of volume higher up on the hair shaft. 

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The Best Hair Dryer Brushes