The 16 Best Blow Dryer Brushes for Salon-Worthy Hair at Home

Is it a brush? Is it a blow dryer? It's both!

The Best Hair Dryer Brushes
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If I had to choose the skill I'm most proud of, it would be blow-drying my own hair. For context, my hair is not the kind where I can point a blow-dryer at it and it'll come out looking perfect. My post-shower routine is an hour-long journey of painstakingly sectioning my hair, wielding a blow dryer in one hand and a round brush (opens in new tab) in the other, and praying that I make it out alive. So while I'm proud of this achievement, it comes at a cost. Namely, my precious time and the muscles in my arms that hate me. Luckily for me, there is a solution: Blow dryer brushes. 

What's the difference between blow dryer brushes and traditional blow dryers? 

Shaped like a round brush (or even a paddle brush), blow dryer brushes, also known as hot brushes, project hot air to help in the drying process while styling the hair. You just need one tool and one hand to achieve bouncy, voluminous hair—in less time than a normal blow-dry would take. 

How do you use a blow dryer brush?

As with any heat styling tool, start by adding a touch of heat protectant to the ends of your hair to keep it safe. For a '90s-era blowout, start by taking small sections at the root and blow drying them upwards for volume. If you want a softly curled look, rotate the brush as you go down the lengths of your hair and hold the blow dryer brush at the end of your hair for a few seconds. Some options on this list even rotate on their own, so you won't need to worry about turning the brush.

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