The 8 Best Bikini Trimmers in 2023

Smooth sailing into swimsuit season.

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Let’s make one thing clear: Shaving your body hair is a personal choice. No matter where on your body you happen to grow hair, shaving it or trimming it is entirely up to you. But, whether you choose to shave or use a fancy at-home laser hair removal device, it’s important to find the best devices for your specific needs. If you’re taking care of the hair in your sensitive bikini area, I’m here to help you find the very best bikini trimmers—with expertise from a licensed esthetician. 

If you’re new to removing hair from your bikini line, you might only be familiar with getting the all too popular bikini wax in a salon. However, waxes can be painful, especially on such a delicate area, so if you're looking for an at-home trimming fix that won't leave bumps or a rash, you've come to the right place. Bikini trimmers let you control how much hair you want in the given area, so you can get the exact look you want without having to pay for a pricey service. And when compared to your favorite razor that you would usually use on your legs, a bikini trimmer can give you a closer shave that won’t leave razor bumps or ingrown hairs behind. 

While the beauty team at Marie Claire knows a thing or two about recommending a great new product or device, it’s always best to turn to the experts when it comes to finding the very best ones on the market for you to invest in. Ahead, Josie Holmes, the National Aesthetic Trainer at New York-based medspa SKINNEY, breaks down not only how to use the best bikini trimmers, but how to prep your skin and how to care for your delicate bikini line after the fact.

What to Look For in The Best Bikini Trimmer

Just like when shopping for a razor, more blades equals a closer shave. “When using a bikini trimmer, it is important to make sure that it is made up of multiple blades for the smoothest trim,” Holmes told me over email. And when it comes to expert-approved details to look for, Holmes says that “a detail to look out for is high speed and a curved blade, this helps to present nicks.” 

How Often Should You Shave Your Bikini Line?

Finding a shaving routine that works for you is the key to maintaining your preferred look. But, Holmes says that “the best way to avoid ingrowns when trimming the bikini area is to stick to a schedule.” She recommends sticking to shaving your bikini line on a bi-weekly time frame “to avoid irritation or ingrown hairs.”

The Best Bikini Trimmers

How To Prepare For Using Your Bikini Trimmer

A great shave always starts with exfoliating your skin. Holmes says to look for a physical exfoliant rather than a chemical one. “At SKINNEY Medspa, we have the Microdermabrasion in a Bottle which is a heat activated scrub, containing pumice powder and bamboo beads for a high level exfoliation,” she says. “You can also make a DIY scrub at home, using sugar and an oil of your choice.” 

How To Care For Your Bikini Line After You Shave

Holmes says that there are steps you can take to soothe your bikini line after you use a trimmer or a razor, but that redness and irritation can be "unavoidable, even with the best of products." With this in mind, she says that it's best to "take a cool washcloth to use a cold compress in the area," and using "witch hazel toner to help close up those hair follicles" before applying any other products.

If regular soaps irritate your skin, Holmes recommends hydrating the area with either a moisturizer or an oil, siting aloe vera as a "a budget friendly alternative to help bring down redness and irritation as it is a naturally soothing ingredient." She also makes sure to say that you should avoid "excessive friction in the area" directly after shaving, including working out or sexual activities.  

Meet the Expert

Josie Holmes
Josie Holmes - LE, AMI

Josie Holmes is a licensed esthetician and specializes in non-invasive body contouring; she is the Skinney Medspa National Aesthetic Trainer. She also holds a position with Allergan Aesthetics as an Allergan medical instructor faculty member. Josie possesses a sharp eye for detail which she uses to her advantage in all of her medical aesthetic treatments.

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