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Reverse Curling Wands Are Here, and They’re the Best Thing to Happen to Your Hair

We're talkin' Victoria's Secret curls that won't fall flat.


If you have curly or wavy hair (whattup) that loves to frizz and curl at the slightest whisper of humidity, then you know how impossible it is to wear soft, beachy waves for more than an hour. Because inevitably, after you meticulously wand your hair, those perfect waves will start curling back up, leaving you with straight roots and frizzed-out ends, à la a poodle’s ear.

So when celeb hairstylist David Lopez casually announced he would be turning my curls into beachy waves on a 90-degree day, I scoffed, and wished him luck. And then ate my words. Because he didn’t grab a normal-looking curling wand that would leave me with pyramid hair, but an inverted wand from T3 that looked like an ice cream cone.

And as he wrapped and twisted, I saw that my hair was left with tighter, more voluminous curls at the roots, and softer, looser waves at the bottom. So, in case you’re lost here, the ~*opposite*~ of the usual. Whoaa.

Which, you know, sounds like no big deal, but here’s where the magic happened: When my hair inevitably started to fall and frizz, my roots stayed super voluminous (thanks to that original tight curl), while the ends stayed wavy (from that original big, loopy curl). Basically, I got the exact hairstyle I wanted twice—big, Victoria’s Secret-level curls, then loose, beachy waves (as seen in the picture below)—all thanks to the weird shape of the curling wand.

So if you're constantly feeling meh about the results you get with your normal curling wand, which, due to its shape, can leave you with prom-like sausage curls, then try out a reverse wand.

Just make sure to hold it upside down (like an upside-down ice cream cone) and start wrapping as close to your roots as possible to get that volume. And if you're not sure which wand to try, check out our three favorites, below.

Courtesy of Brands

1. Nume Classic Reverse Wand, $89; BUY IT: amazon.com. 2. T3 Cascading Waves Convertible Wand, $85 for the wand, $100 for the base; BUY IT: t3micro.com. 3. Bed Head Curlipops 1” Curling Wand for Curls and Volume, $29; BUY IT: ulta.com.

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