A Step-By-Step Guide To Kate Middleton's Barrel Curls

NYC Sassoon Salon Creative Director, Michael Forrey, teaches us how to create the Duchess of Cambridge's barrel curls with this detailed tutorial.

Kate Middleton curls
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Step 1: Prep the hair before blow-drying by applying a quarter–sized amount of Sebastian Potion 9 ($18.95) from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair.

Step 2: Using a paddle brush, blow-dry the hair upside down and away from the face. It's important to achieve root lift by blowing the hair off the face.

Step 3: Once dry, part your hair to complement your bone structure. A side part offers a flattering option for most face shapes, whereas a middle part is trendier, but really tends to only suit faces that are more narrow and symmetrical.

Step 4: Divide the hair into two sections, separating the hair closer to the crown from the hair underneath. Secure the section of the hair that's closer to the crown with clips. If you have fine texture, you can skip this step as sections won't be necessary.

Step 5: Start curling. For thick hair, use a curling iron with a two-inch barrel and for fine hair, a one-inch barrel will work. Beginning at the temple and working towards the nape of the neck, take diagonal sections and curl the hair away from the face. Make sure to let hair cool between each section, and don't touch the curls – no matter how tempting! Repeat this step once you unpin the hair close to the crown of your head.

NOTEFor softer, natural curls, wrap the hair around the curling iron, but don't use the clamp.

Step 6: Once finished with the curling iron, allow the hair to totally cool. Then, apply one to two drops of Sebastian Liquid Gloss ($18.95) to the ends to add shine and smooth flyaways.

Step 7: Lightly pull the curls to loosen them. Then, wrap all the curls together around your finger and place over the shoulder.

Step 8: Finish with Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray ($15.39) for hold.

Potion 9

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Liquid Gloss

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Shaper Plus

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