This Hunter Schafer-Approved Eyeliner Trick Makes Any Eye Color Pop

You could get lost in that kohl.

Hunter Schafer
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It's not necessarily surprising when Hunter Schafer wears an interesting makeup look. She got her start on Euphoria, which is basically Disneyland for intricate glam. But her makeup is always exciting. Although the actress's latest eye makeup was simple in the scheme of Hunter Schafer designs, it still caught onlookers' attention.

Just before the official start of New York Fashion Week, the Hunger Games actress explored SoHo before eventually stopping for a party held at H&M's newly reopened flagship store. For the event, Schafer chose a burnt orange bodycon gown and, most notably, a very heavy eyeliner that made her blue eyes pop.

Hunter Schafer stands in front of a display at the H&M store wearing thick eyeliner

Hunter Schafer poses at the H&M Party .

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Schafer's blue eyes were brushed with tonal orange shadow before a dark pencil made its way all around her top and bottom waterlines. Then, her eyeliner was blended outward every which way: under, above, and even from the inner corners of her eyes.

Despite the fact that the famous blonde typically wears a down and middle-parted hairstyle, this time, she chose a slicked back bun, with the majority of her hair captured into an elegant chignon.

Hunter Schafer wears minimal makeup at Paris Couture Week.

Hunter Schafer wore a similarly slicked-back hairstyle (but much less eyeliner) during Paris Fashion Week in January 2024.

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While Schafer's glam team for the evening hasn't been revealed, it's completely plausible she created the look herself. A visual arts high school graduate, the model has long known how to wield a makeup pencil like a paintbrush.

"When I’m thinking about doing an eye shadow look, I think about it in the context of an oil painting, which is all about doing a lot of thin layers of colors to create something more dimensional," she shared in a 2021 interview. "Or, it might be something super graphic, like a line drawing with an eyeliner or something. It all makes a lot of sense to me in my head that way and has made it that much more fun to approach artistically."

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