The 12 Best Makeup Bags for All Your Beauty Goodies

Marie Kondo would be proud.

Makeup bag with cosmetics and applicators
(Image credit: CAROL YEPES/Getty Images)

Arguably, one of the most neglected beauty purchases is the makeup bag or cosmetic case that your favorite liquid eyeliners, lipstickseyeshadows, and foundation brushes go into. Makeup bags, organizers, and cases are a vital part of keeping your beauty products organized and ready to grab for last-minute trips or on-the-go makeup sessions. Whether you’re a full-on Marie Kondo type of organizer or carry lipsticks loose in your purse (guilty), consider investing in a durable and stylish makeup bag that will get you excited to dive in to create a new look. The right makeup bag not only saves time when you just need your trusty eyebrow pencil, but also helps take stock of all your products so you can rediscover old favorites.

Alexis Gaskin

Alexis Gaskin is a Freelance Beauty Writer for Marie Claire who can often be found painting her nails to match every outfit. She covers beauty, skincare, and fat fashion and will get distracted by any and all Halsey-related content or anything glittery.