14 Cream Eyeshadows That Won't Ever Budge or Crease

They blend easily, sit comfortably, and stay put all night long.

A woman with bold blue and yellow eye makeup.
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For most of 2021, my glosses and lipsticks have been left mostly untouched, the typical pops of color I gravitate towards rendered invisible. But it's left room for more experimentation on the rest of my face: razor-sharp linerdraped blush, and most of all, vibrant cream eyeshadows.

Is cream eyeshadow better the powder?

While powder shadow is a classic, I find that cream shadows are the formulas I've been clinging to in these trying times. And by trying times, I mean 95 degree days when the rest of my face is melting Raiders of the Last Ark-style. They've become my go-to for more than one reason: They blend like warm butter when I'm in the mood to mix and match different shades, lay comfortably on my lids like I've got nothing on, and stay put when I know I've got a long night devoid of touch-ups ahead of me.

What cream eyeshadow is right for me?

Every month, there are brand new cream eyeshadow innovations that make each formula more exciting than the last. But since I've racked up quite the collection, I've gotten the chance to narrow down the absolute best of the best when it comes to cream formulas. From slick metallics to finely-ground glitters to translucent tints, here are the absolute best cream shadows to add to your cart.

Taylore Glynn
Taylore Glynn

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