We Can't Stop Watching This Mesmerizing Video of How Lipstick Was Made in the 1950s

Mmmmm, all that wax and castor oil.

Lipstick in the 50s
(Image credit: Getty Images)

One of the more pleasant gifts the internet has given us is videos of How Things Are Made. These wildly satisfying clips show, say, how a cake is decorated (opens in new tab) or how gummy bears are produced (opens in new tab), and as a viewer you are lulled by unlocking another mystery of the universe.

We've traveled to a beauty factory this year to see how lipstick is made (opens in new tab), from the milling of pigments to whisking in the silica. The process is highly scientific, white-lab-coat-requiring stuff—a bit more so than this Buzzfeed (opens in new tab) video showing how lippies were mixed up in the 1950s.

Giant blocks of wax and vats of castor oil, plus colored powders, are what stars like Marilyn Monroe (opens in new tab) and Lauren Bacall (opens in new tab) (and your grandma) were smearing on their lips. Informative!

Plus, who knew that the angled shape of the stick was created via a basic flame? Like, we could do that! What a simple way to get the fresh-from-Sephora triangle back.

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