New Beauty Trend Alert: Sand Art Hair Is Taking Over the Internet

PSA: Proceed with caution.

As far as hair trends are concerned, color play is at an all time high (see our celebrity transformations flipbook for further evidence), so it's no surprise to see that the latest hair trend is essentially a combustion of every single color in one—AKA what model Chloe Nørgaard has been doing for years.

Deemed "sand art hair," it's when a rainbow spectrum's worth of colors are painted onto the hair to replicate the striped layers of sand you poured into shaped glass bottles (zigzags!) if you were a child of the '90s.

Over the past few weeks, The My Little Pony-esque 'do has been making harlequin waves on Instagram and Pinterest, with hairstylists (and those who dare to do it themselves) sharing their own take on the trend. But if you're thinking of giving it a go yourself, proceed with caution. It's hard enough dying your hair one hue, let alone several all at once—it's seriously daring territory if you're not well-seasoned in the art of at-home box color.

"Honestly, it's better for a professional to do it to avoid all colors becoming a one big mess," advises NYC-based colorist Kat Zemtsova. "But if you're trying to create rainbow hair at home, wrap the different color strands in foil to keep them separate for the processing."

Our recco? Check out some of the #sandarthair pro color jobs below and take it to your colorist to ensure there's no botched color jobs in your future, only smiles and rainbows...

Lauren Valenti
Beauty Editor

Lauren is the former beauty editor at Marie Claire. She love to while away the hours at coffee shops, hunt for vintage clothes, and bask in the rough-and-tumble beauty of NYC. She firmly believes that solitude can be a luxury if you’ve got the right soundtrack—that being the Rolling Stones, of course.