Exclusive: How to Get Daisy Ridley's Super Chic Updo from Last Night's First 'Star Wars' Premiere

= perfect holiday-party hair inspo.

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To ring in her first red carpet event for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Tokyo, Daisy Ridley channeled Coco Chanel with an ultra-sleek, S-layered bob you're going to want to steal for your next holiday party.

"The inspiration was very much rooted in a fresh spin of a 1920's Chanel flapper," explained celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica, who created the look. "Very youthful and fun!"

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The best part? "This style will stay in place, whether you're walking a red carpet or possibly even going to bed," he told us. "She could sleep in this style and it would likely hold!! I swear!" In other words, no matter how much fun you have the night before, you can roll out of bed looking 💯.

Here, Vetica breaks down the four steps to achieving this desk-to-disco (or vice versa) look:

Step 1) Prep and blow dry.

Beginning with wet hair, run a styling mousse like Leonor Greyl's Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice through your hair for amped-up body and hold. After it's prepped, blow your hair dry with a medium-sized, boar bristle round brush that grips for a true wet-to-dry sculpt. 

Step 2) Curl the hair.

Take a 3/4 curling iron on mild-medium heat and curl the ends, shielding your strands from harm with a heat protectant like Leonor Greyl's Condition Naturelle, which will also add hold to the shape created with the iron. 

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Step 3) Set the curls.

Soft curls in tact, give your hair a deep side part and comb into an iconic '20s, S-wave, being conscious of what flatters your face shape and a modern feel. "Too literal, and this style actually looks outdated and costumey," Vetica tells us. 

Use silver clips to set the shape, then spritz the hair with a setting spray like Leonor Greyl Paris Voluforme spray for hold. After 20 minutes, begin removing pins starting with the less dominant side.

Step 4) Roll, Mold, Pin, and Set.

Using a styling cream for dry hair like Leonor Greyl's Éclat Naturel on your fingers, roll and mold the hair, using bobby pins to twist, then pin, roll then pin. Two secure the front, right side into the perfect shape, add extra bobby pins. Finally, add one last layer of hold by misting on a gentle holding spray like Leonor Greyl's Laque Souple.

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