This Is the Most Popular Perfume Where You Live


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Perfume is a weirdly polarizing thing. Whether you favor musks, florals, or citrus, the power of fragrance is ever-present and very real—and people have a *lot* of opinions. 

Scentbird, the fragrance subscription service, took a look at the most popular perfumes across the U.S. to see what scents stand out. So do your tastes trend more East Coast or are you actually a Southern Belle at heart nose? Take a look:


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We also got the deets from Scentbird co-founder Rachel ten Brink about *why* these perfumes rank so highly in their specific locales, like...

Dallas: "Everything is big in Texas, including their scent preferences. Flowerbomb delivers a punch of gourmand deliciousness."

Las Vegas: "This city brings out people's wild side, which is why Black Opium is a fave. Addictive, seductive, rock-glam style."

San Francisco: "Unabashedly feminine, creative, and helplessly alluring—Roses de Chloe is the perfect match for this city. This scent also has staying power which may come in handy if you're planning to take on the world with the next great startup."

New York City: "Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline is radiant and light, perfect for the office but still has a sexy, sophisticated heart—New Yorkers work hard, but also play hard."

Atlanta: "Southern belles know how to mix born-and-bred polish with fun and charm with Prada Candy."

Seattle: "The perfect fit for a city known for its coffee shops and love of nature. Nest Indigo is unexpected, inspired by the beauty of botanical drawings."

Boston: "Restrained and intellectual, but still very fashionable, Burberry Brit is the city's perfect scent match."

Miami: "A sexy, warm vibe makes Miami girls love La Vie Est Belle."

Washington: "Armani Si is a tasteful classic—polished and sexy, but definitely all grown up."

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