The Surprising Makeup Trick That Blake Lively Swears By

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's got the greatest face beat of them all?

Blake Lively
(Image credit: Design by Katja Cho)

Yes, even veritable goddess Blake Lively has a beauty trick or two up her sleeve. But her latest reveal goes beyond *just* a trick, it's actually, at long last, the secret to getting your makeup to look 💯  in every kind of light.

It's called The Makeup Light and it's an LED lamp mirror designed to mimic natural daytime sun. Because let's face it, if your makeup passes the test of crystal clear daylight, it'll look that much better as the hours wear on. Not to mention, red carpet and wedding photography are always daylight balanced.

Designed specifically for makeup artists—it's their job to ensure they create a flawless face for all the elements, after all—the dual-paneled mirror projects a bright and dimmable soft white light that promises super-crisp detail. A win-win for artists and clients alike, when Lively showed beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury the innovative tech, she went crazy for it. "It's changed my life!" wrote Tilbury on Instagram, thanking Lively for helping her see the light.

Starting at $360 for a package set, The Makeup Light doesn't come cheap. But when you consider it basically guarantees the most foolproof makeup application of your life  (seamless blends, just the right amount of blush, etc.), and makes for incredible selfie light, there's a serious ROI.

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Lauren Valenti
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