5 Minutes with Jennifer Aniston on Beauty, Cheat Days, and Owning Her Age

"It's really empowering to own where you are in life and to not get caught up in the fear of aging."

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Fresh off of putting the body-shaming media in its place as she damn well should, life's a beach for Jennifer Aniston—and she's got a new fragrance to prove it. Her latest scent, beachscape, has arrived to transport you to your seaside destination of choice one mist at a time.

In advance of its launch, we spent five minutes with Aniston getting the scoop on her how she crafted her latest beachy bouquet, choice cheat meal (hint: there are carbs aplenty), and the badass women that have inspired her approach to aging.

Marie Claire: What are your favorite notes in beachscape and why?

Jennifer Aniston: I put in a great deal of care into making sure my fragrance is something I love and that other women will love. My favorite notes are the passion fruit and ginger lily as they capture that floral freshness.

MC: Did you have a specific beach in mind when you created it?

JA: Not so much a specific beach as the feeling you get when you wake up at the beach. I wanted to take that calmness and serenity of starting a new day by the ocean and bottle it up in a scent.

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MC: Are you more of a one-scent-at-a-time kind of gal or do you love having a fragrance wardrobe?

JA: I think having more than one fragrance gives you a chance to mix things up a little. I love how beachscape fits into my fragrances. Sometimes I even mix oils and lotions to create scents in a very organic way.

MC: Where on your body to you like to apply fragrance?

JA: I'm a mist-and-walk-through gal. Then you're wearing it for you—it's light and not too overwhelming.

MC: What are some of the skincare lessons that have been passed down by the women in your family?

JA: Always remove your makeup. Clean and moisturize your skin before going to bed!

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MC: How do you protect your skin from the sun daily?

JA: When I was younger I didn't quite get the importance of sunscreen but now I'm fully on board. I apply Aveeno SPF on my face and body.

MC: What are some of your newer go-to beauty rituals?

JA: I don't have a lot of *new* rituals but I am a sucker for a massage.

It's really empowering to own where you are in life and to not get caught up in the fear of aging.

MC: You're a notoriously healthy eater, so we have to ask: What do your cheat days or meals look like?

JA: Pasta Carbonara! My husband makes the best Carbonara and we eat it once a week. I can't get enough of it.

MC: Your outlook on aging is so refreshing. What women have inspired you to be that way?

JA: So many…Gloria Steinem, Marlo Thomas, Meryl Streep, and many more. I think it's really empowering to own where you are in life and to not get caught up in the fear of aging.

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Jennifer Aniston Beachscape, $39; kohls.com.

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